11-Year-Old Mowing Lawns to Raise Money for Social Justice

Meet Jack, a young boy giving up the money from his summer job to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

Jan Hakan Dahlstrom/Getty Images

Many children and teens mow lawns in the summer to put a little spending money in their pocket. But for one 11-year-old boy from Missouri, his summer lawn mowing business has turned into something much bigger.

Jack Powers is a sixth-grader from South County, Mo. who started mowing lawns in his neighborhood in early June. Instead of keeping the money for himself, he’s donating it all to the Black Lives Matter Foundation. 

“I just wanted to make a change and I didn’t like how people were being treated,” Jack told CBS 19.

Jack was inspired to make a change for social justice following the tragic death of George Floyd in late May. He quickly put up flyers around his neighborhood advertising his new philanthropic business plan.

“I saw what happened to George Floyd and saw how people were being treated and I decided to make a change,” Jack added.

According to KMOV, the response to Jack’s flyers has been overwhelming. One of his neighbors, April Strelinger, says that the boy’s actions were enough to create a conversation in her family about how they could personally fight for social justice reform.

“There’s been a lot of change, flux and hardship,” said Strelinger. “So to see Jack’s poster and find a helper, it actually opened up a great conversation with my son about how he can be a helper.”

Jack had raised $110 before KMOV picked up his story. If you want to donate, you can email Jack here at [email protected]

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