3 Tools That Do a Lot for DIYers

Find out why we can't get enough of these three go-tool tools.

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Mini Trim Square

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Milwaukee’s 4-1/2-in. trim square is a smaller version of the classic and versatile 6-in. speed square. 1-1/2-in. smaller doesn’t seem like a big difference, but being able to put it in your pocket while you’re not using it is a big deal for DIYers! It does everything that the 6-in. speed square does, its got angle markings along the long edge, a ruler perpendicular to the foot of the square and scribe slots from 1/4-in. to 3-3/4-in. and every 1/8-in. in between. Find them online and at home centers for around $11.

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Auto Locking Pliers

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Armor automatic locking pliers are a great upgrade from your standard locking pliers. Not having to deal with that knurled knob that needs adjusting each time you try to grab a different kind of material is a relief. This auto-locking system makes grabbing pipes, nails and screws of different sizes easier. If you can wraps its teeth around it, these pliers will lock on! You can easily adjust the tension and locking force with a set screw found within the mechanism. You can find them online in a 6-in. curved jaw ($20) a 7-in. needle nose ($20) and a 10-in. curved jaw ($27).

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Ultimate Outdoor Broom

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If you’ve got a paver patio or any uneven surface (like a sidewalk or the bed of a truck) you can relate to the frustration of having sticks, leaves, seeds and other debris getting caught in the cracks. They can be hard to sweep away with ordinary brooms, but that is precisely what the Renegade Broom is meant to do. It’s a cross between a rake and a broom, as its 18-in.-wide set of bristles arch inward helping you reach into those crevices and scoop out the debris. It also works really well over grass and mulch beds, and it will move heavy piles of dirt and wet leaves. It may seem a bit pricey, but it’s a great tool to have for outdoor cleanup. Find them online for $37.

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