A Brilliant Way to Store Belts and Ties Out of the Way

Learn how to store ties and belts comfortably.

Family Handyman

How to Store Ties: Sliding Tie and Belt Rack

My closet was stuffed to the gills, and I needed a handy place to hang ties and belts. So I built a simple rack from plywood, dowels and a full-extension 12-in. drawer slide. I drilled holes in the wood and pounded in the dowels (use a dab of glue if they’re loose). I attached the drawer slide to the side of my closet shelves and to the rack. If you need even more hanging room, add a block of wood to the side of your shelves to offset the slide, and attach dowels to both sides of the rack. The drawer slides come in pairs, so you might as well make another one for your wife to use for her belts and scarves. — Fred Litty

Get a look at a custom closet that will leave you speechless.

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