A New Use for an Old Paintbrush

Check out how you can turn one tool into another!

HH paint brush push stick

Push Stick from an Old Paintbrush

After my paintbrushes wear out, I strip off the metal ferrule with a needle-nose pliers and some strength. I use the wood or composite handle for a table saw push stick, since I am frequently losing or misplacing mine, I figured it would be better to have more rather than less of these handy tools. I use a square to measure and mark and the angle I want to cut into the paintbrush. Next, I simply make two cuts on my band saw to make an angled notch in the bottom of the handle. Now it’s time to get to work! — Austin Garmo

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HH take apart old paint brushFamily Handyman

HH paint brush push stick

HH paint brush push stick cuts

HH push stick paint brush

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