A Truly Better Construction Adhesive

There are two things I hate about construction adhesives. Find out what they are in this article.

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There are two things I hate about construction adhesives:

The first and worst is the way cartridges “drool.” You release the trigger, but the stuff just keeps coming and coming, leaving blobs of adhesive everywhere you set the gun. Then you lean or step on a blob and spread the sticky stuff everywhere (like the seats in my truck, for example).

A truly better construction adhesive

The second problem is the hand-cramping stiffness of construction adhesive in cool weather. (Ever been unable to open your hand by the end of the day?) To keep adhesive warm, some guys carry tubes inside their coats. I used to open the hood and set tubes inside the hot engine compartment—until I learned that extreme heat can break open a tube. Very messy.

Titebond has solved both problems with Fast Set Polyurethane Construction Adhesive. Unlike any other construction adhesive I’ve used, it doesn’t drool. And it squeezes out of the tube much more easily, even at temps down to 32 degrees. In other ways, Fast Set performs exactly as polyurethane should, forming fast, strong bonds to just about any building material. It’s a real value, in both 10- and 28-ounce tubes. For more, go to titebond.com.

— Gary Wentz, Editor in Chief

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