A Vibration-Free Sander (Well, at Least a lot LESS Vibration)

Stop dealing with your hand still vibrating an hour after you finish sanding with this incredible new random orbital sander from Rockwell.

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Rockwell Vibrafree Sander Featured

A Low-Vibration Sander

There’s not one BIG thing we love about Rockwell’s new Vibrafree random orbital sander—it’s a lot of little things. The split disc has inner and outer rings (one turns clockwise, the other counterclockwise) that counteract each other for less vibration. The split-disc design also provides a larger opening for more efficient dust collection (using either the clear collector shown or the vacuum attachment included). The sander feels good in the hand, and we like the variable speed – not a revolutionary feature on an RO sander, but like we said, it’s the little things. At first glance, the inner and outer sanding discs might seem like a disadvantage – more edges to catch and more sandpaper to tear – but they grip tenaciously.

The only drawback we see is the need to buy proprietary sanding discs; more stuff to store and keep track of. But the pain is lessened by the 15 discs that come with it, along with a tool bag to keep everything together.

The Vibrafree sander (about $70) is available at home centers and online.

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