5 Alarm Clock Apps for Easy Breezy Mornings

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Rejuvenate your morning routine with a little smartphone technology. These online alarm clocks are game changers.

More and more people are using their smartphones as alarm clocks. The clock that comes pre-downloaded on your smart device isn’t the only online alarm clock available. Try these apps to improve your wake-up mood and make better use of your mornings.

Timely Alarm Clock App

The Timely alarm clock app’s goal is to help you wake up in a good mood. It gently revives you from deep sleep 30 minutes before your alarm time. Beginning with soft, fading music makes the final alarm less jarring. While you can press snooze with the tap of a button or the flip of your phone, disabling the alarm is more tricky: It requires solving a puzzle. That theoretically ensures you’re awake and won’t oversleep once you turn off the smart alarm clock.

Timely is a useful and pretty tool. You can customize the color schemes to match your preferences. If your alarm clock is the first thing you see every day, it should be a pleasing view. Download Timely from Google Play.

Early Bird Alarm Clock

Early Bird is the best alarm clock app for shift workers. It lets you set an alarm for particular dates based on your calendar. It also comes with plenty of gorgeous themes to match your personality. Once you disable the alarm by copying a sentence, scanning a QR code or speaking a phrase, the Early Bird online alarm clock gives you a daily snapshot, including the weather forecast and your scheduled events. Hop out of bed, scan the QR code and start brewing that sweet morning coffee. Download Early Bird from Google Play.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle, available for Apple and Android phones, uses science to improve your mornings. The app tracks your physical sleep cycles through your device’s microphone. Then it wakes you at your lightest point of sleep in a given time frame. If you live for the snooze button, this app has two options: regular and intelligent. Intelligent snooze is good for unintentional snoozers because the duration shortens each time you press the button. The app also gives you a sleep quality analysis. Download Sleep Cycle from the Apple Store or Google Play.

Mathe Alarm Clock

If a gentle wake-up doesn’t do the trick, give Mathe a try. This alarm clock app forces you to solve math problems before turning off the alarm. You can customize the difficulty level and number of equations that you need to solve. Once you’re awake enough to provide the correct answers, you won’t fall back asleep. It’s ideal for people who tend to press the off button while still unconscious. You’ll spend less time running late and more time eating a homemade breakfast. Get it from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Alarmy Alarm Clock App

Math not your thing? Alarmy relies on the same principles as Mathe but offers other tasks besides math. One option: Upload a photo of something in your home, like a sink. To turn off the alarm, you have to get out of bed and take a photo of the item. You can also set an amount of time for your phone to shake. Once you’ve finished shaking your phone (and yourself) awake, the Alarmy alarm clock app will allow you to press stop. Get it for iOS or Android.