What to Know About Amazon Echo Show

Check out what the second generation Echo Show and the Echo Show 5 have to offer, so you can buy wisely.

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Amazon is a major contender in the world of home automation, especially when it comes to its array of smart speakers. From the space-saving, budget-friendly Echo Dot to the popular flagship Echo speaker, along with the Echo Spot and Echo Plus, there’s a lot to choose from! Now, Amazon has introduced their best option yet, the gorgeous Amazon Echo Show.

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Second-Generation Amazon Echo Show

Amazon Echo Show Price: $229.99

The first-gen Amazon Echo Show has been discontinued by Amazon, while the second-gen offers updates to the smart display, including a softer look, better sound quality and a large 10.1-inch display. The second-gen is equipped with premium speakers with Dolby processing, allowing you to stream music, TV shows and books in crisp, stereo sound. The large HD screen display is ideal for watching videos, movies and TV shows via Prime Video, enjoying music videos from Vevo, and tuning in to live TV and sports with a Hulu subscription.

For music lovers, a fun feature of the second-gen Amazon Echo is the lyrics display available alongside songs you’re listening to. Use it for a karaoke party or simply to check in to see if you’re singing the right words! You can also see weather forecasts, calendars, to-do lists, watch recipe videos, set times and alarms, and set up compatible Zigbee devices, like the Ring video doorbell. You’ll be able see your front door camera stream with 2-way audio and notifications.

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Echo Show 5

Echo Show 5 Price: $64.99

This Amazon Echo Show 5 earned its name not because it’s the fifth generation, but due to its 5.5-inch touchscreen. Designed to offer a more space-saving alternative to the 10-inch model. At just over half the size of the Echo Show, it’s still much larger than the Echo Spot’s 2.5-inch interface. The Amazon Echo Show 5 has a camera resolution of 1MP, compared to the 5MP of the full size Echo Show.

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The Show 5 also has a single speaker instead of the Echo Show’s dual speakers. And finally, it lacks the Zigbee radio of the larger Show, so you can’t use it as a smart home hub. Aside from these notable differences, the Show 5 has all of the same features available on the screen, a similar design and the same built-in voice assistant.

Unless you want creepy laughter, an answer that lasts for eternity or some serious sass, you should steer clear of asking Alexa these questions.

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