The Bug Bite Thing Is Our Home Editor’s Favorite Amazon Prime Early Access Deal

Our Home Editor tested the Bug Bite Thing on her five kids and was impressed with the anti-itching results! Get your own while it's on sale during Amazon's Prime Early Access sale!

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Calling all bargain hunters! Amazon surprised everyone with a Prime Early Access sale ahead of Black Friday, giving you more time to prep for fall projects and shop before the holidays hit. Prime members have access to millions of deals October 11 and 12 across the most popular categories and brands. That’s a lot of savings! (Here are our favorite home and tool deals if you want even more savings!)

But if you don’t have time to click through page after page of discounts, don’t worry. Our Home Editor sorted through the savings and found her very favorite deal: Amazon’s bestselling Bug Bite Thing tool at a whopping 32% off. Her Bug Bite Thing review and test proved it was incredibly easy to use for instant bug bite relief.

The totally chemical- and battery-free device offers a genius way to stop the itching that comes along with even the most irritated bug bites.

Why did we choose the Bug Bite Thing as the best deal?

We couldn’t be more excited about the 32% off deal on Bug Bite Thing three-packs. Instead of the usual $25 price tag, the set rings in under $17 on October 11 and 12. It’s a perfect stocking stuffer for DIYers and outdoorsy types—especially because you can use it over and over again. It’s Amazon’s top-selling bug bite relief tool thanks to over 55,000 enthusiastic customer ratings.

This problem-solving gadget is ideal for when even the best natural bug repellents don’t seem to work. The single-handed suction tool effectively extracts insect saliva and venom from under the skin to alleviate the itching, stinging and swelling in just seconds. Our Home Editor tried it out on her five kids and found it delivered itch relief in a matter of minutes.

We love the Bug Bite Thing because it:

  • Uses the power of suction to remove what bugs leave behind (the culprits behind itching, swelling and pain)
  • Works on fresh mosquito bites, bee stings and other gnarly bug bites
  • Has no chemicals or additives
  • Requires no electrical components or power
  • Is easy enough for kids to use
  • Is compact enough to throw in a pocket or purse
  • Has a long-lasting design that makes it easy to reuse hundreds of times (if not more)

What is the Bug Bite thing deal?

The Bug Bite Thing is a compact, easy-to-carry arsenal of bug bite relief that is safe and effective for the whole family. While the brand offers several colors, only the original white version is eligible for the Amazon Prime Early Access deal. Keep all three pocket-sized tools for yourself, or give a couple as gifts.

“Step aside, steroid creams and other bug bite treatments,” writes Abigail Archibald, a verified Amazon purchaser and five-star reviewer. “These things work better than the whole lot of topicals! I now keep five in my house. Using one feels as satisfying as scratching, without the welts, scabs and scars that scratching leaves behind.”

Where to Buy Our Favorite Amazon Prime Early Access Deal

Bug Bite Thing Silo Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Amazon is the only place to score the Bug Bite Thing Amazon Prime Early Access deal. And Amazon Prime Early Access Sale days, October 11 and 12, are the only time it gets discounted this steep. We wouldn’t be surprised if the Bug Bite Thing sells out before the sale ends! Just remember that you need to be a Prime member in order to score the savings. Save some green and avoid insect itch!

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