America Named Its Favorite Home Improvement Retailer. Do You Shop There?

It's not The Home Depot…or Lowe's either!

America sure does have an opinion about their favorite stores! The country named the cheapest grocery store, and it has also chosen a favorite home improvement retailer. While The Home Depot and Lowe’s seem like front runners for home improvement needs, it turns out that Ace Hardware has been named the leader of the pack. 

Market Force Information did a survey with 4,040 consumers to understand the preferences in terms of home improvement. Market Force Information uses a Composite Loyalty Index, which analyzes customer satisfaction, mystery shopping, and considers the number of complaints.  

Ace Hardware scored at the top with 68 percent on Composite Loyalty Index, leading by a landslide compared to the other frontrunners. Menard’s came in second with 57 percent, followed by Lowe’s with 54 percent, The Home Depot with 53 percent, and surprisingly, Walmart with 36 percent. 

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When looking at the specific data, Ace Hardware continues to beat out the competition in multiple facets. Ace Hardware is the top retailer in terms of checkout speed, value for the price, easy to find merchandise, merchandise availability, store layout and store cleanliness. Ace Hardware tied with Menard’s for merchandise variety. 

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This survey took place in June 2018 across the United States, ranging ages from 18 to 65. About 74 percent of the survey takers were female, while 25 percent identified as male. Participants scanned four U.S. census regions and involved people on a range of household income levels. 

Speaking of Ace Hardware, did you know that Joanna Gaines sells a line of paint through this retailer? Seems like a pretty great reason to love this place already! 

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