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You buy the Bagster bag, which costs about $30, and Waste Management will pick it up for a collection fee.

Bagster bags can handle construction debris

You buy the Bagster bag, which costs about $30, and Waste Management will pick it up for a collection fee. The fee varies—in our area, it's $70. To find the service and price it, go to

After my son and I decided to re-side his house, he spent an entire day stripping off the old vinyl siding. And what a pile it was! How do we get rid of it? We decided to give the new Bagster service from Waste Management a shot. We brought the Bagster bag home and unfolded it by the curb. It was about 2 ft. high, 8 ft. long and 4 ft. wide, and we just didn’t see how it was going to hold a whole house’s worth of siding. But we packed it carefully and got most of it in.

Bagster only has one real rule about loading. You have to be able to pull the handles together once it’s full so the guy on the boom truck can hook on to it when he comes to pick it up. But the siding was so slippery that the sides of the bag collapsed like a jellyfish. Then we had the idea of tying the handles together with some electrical cable. It worked great. To get in the last few pieces of siding, we cut them into short pieces and crammed them into the ends.

Perfect—we got the entire pile loaded. We called for the pickup and they took it away within the promised three business days. My verdict: The Bagster service works as advertised. Simple, relatively cheap and a heck of a lot easier than renting a trash bin or hauling loads to the dump. I highly recommend it if you have a bunch of stuff to get rid of. There are some limitations on what you can put in it, but they’re similar to those for your trash can—no hazardous chemicals or electronics. If you’re interested, go to to find out whether there’s Bagster service in your area and the cost of pickup, which varies by location.

For our project, Waste Management was kind enough to provide the bag and collection for free.

— Travis Larson, Senior Editor

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