Best Dining Room Colors This Year

The best dining room colors help you create the right mood while also supporting the flow of your home.

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Your dining room, whether it’s used for casual family meals or formal dinners, is a place where you can use color to make a variety of statements. The best dining room colors help you create the right mood while also supporting the flow of your home.

These 10 tips will help you choose the perfect paint color.

How Do I Choose a Paint Color for my Dining Room?

When it comes to choosing the best dining room colors, Pittsburgh Paints and Stains suggests thinking about what kind of statement you want to make. Do you want to create a room that encourages conversation? What about formality and tradition? Or, perhaps you’re looking for a dining room color that will better tie adjoining rooms together. Once you figure out the role you want your dining room to play, you can narrow down your color options.

Before you start painting, make sure you test out the color against adjoining rooms. The colors don’t have to match, but they do need to work together. At the very least, make sure the undertones of the paint colors are compatible so the rooms flow smoothly.

This is the right way to test paint colors.

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Modern Dining Room Colors

Earthy Colors

If the walls in your adjoining rooms are neutral, try earthy colors in the dining room. Choose a color that will give the room some character, without being flashy. An earthy orange will help highlight natural finishes, such as stone or brick and pairs well with light gray.

Sierra Redwood from Sherwin-Williams (shown here), has notes of orange and brown.

Pale Blue

For an elegant looking dining room, try pale blue. This shade can easily be paired with gray accents, along with wood furniture and brushed silver metals. Light blue is a good choice if your dining room lacks natural light.

Blue Haze is “muted and memorable,” according to Benjamin Moore paints. “This subtle shade of blue is ideal for those who seek just a hint of soothing, cool color.” Next, learn what are the best colors for small bathrooms.


If bold paint colors aren’t your cup of tea, gray is one of the best dining room colors, according to Pittsburgh Paints and Stains. “Subtle grays are quieting and create a sophisticated backdrop elevating the conversation. They also showcase color well, so add your favorite hue in the decor to spark interest and dialogue,” the company notes.

Try Dusky Dawn for a light gray that works in almost any setting.

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Want to go bold and unexpected? Try a navy hue in your dining room. “Navy walls benefit from the surprise of punchy accents,” according to Behr paints. Pair navy walls with red dining chairs, yellow place settings or a rug with a mix of vibrant colors.

Navy Blue from Behr is lively yet sophisticated—perfect for a bold dining room.

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White doesn’t have to be boring. A white dining room is not only inviting and modern, it can be used as the backdrop for almost any color scheme. “If your dining room has to wear a lot of hats—going from a turkey dinner to Christmas morning to a New Year’s bash to a romantic Valentine’s dinner, all in just a few months—consider keeping your walls and main furnishings neutral in color. Then you can bring different seasons and celebrations in by adding elements in different colors,” notes Glidden.

Stone White from Glidden is a soft white that can be used as a dining room wall color and paired with bold accents, and it can also be used on trim.

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