The Best Drill Bits for Your Toolbox

See why we fell in love with some of the best drill bits out there.

Norseman Jobber 29-Piece Drill Set

It looks like a coffee thermos but the Norseman Jobber 29-piece drill set is one of the best ways to keep track of your drill bits and keep them safe.

What’s Inside the Norseman Jobber 29-piece Drill Set

It’s a waterproof case that holds bits from 1/16 to 1/2 in 64th increments. The included bits are high speed steel with a gold oxide finish made and they’re heat-treated.

What You Can Use the Bits for

You can use the drill bits for steel, stainless steel, plastic, wood and nearly everything in between. They bits are incredibly sharp and long-lasting.

Where to Find the Norseman Jobber 29-piece Drill Set

The kit runs about $80 on Amazon or pick one up at Norseman Drill.

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Norseman Jobber 29-Piece Drill SetAmazon

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