This Surprising Spot Is the Best Place to Store Plastic Wrap

Does putting plastic wrap in the freezer put an end to the age-old struggle? I decided to find out.

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Imagine trying to cling-wrap half a watermelon. Does the thought of this send chills down your spine? How about corralling that picked-over turkey so you can get it refrigerated ASAP? Just how cooperative do you think your plastic wrap will be?

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Worse yet, imagine you make one of your favorite potluck dishes, bundle it up and then suffer a disastrous unwrapping on the way to your event. Curses!

I checked, and “wrap rage” is a real thing (though it’s it’s generally reserved for those tough-cookie plastic clamshells that no one can seem to open). I submit there’s enough frustration going on in our kitchens to add plastic wrap to the list. In fact, Saran Wrap isn’t even as sticky as it used to be.

So how do you get the plastic wrap to work with you, not against? My sister Nancy told me she found the answer. I was working on the Taste of Home Kitchen Hacks book, and she said she had the perfect trick for me.

This Is How to Store Plastic Wrap

Nancy said she likes to stash plastic wrap in her freezer. Could putting plastic wrap on ice make it more well-behaved than I was accustomed to? I decided to find out.

First came a reality check: My freezer was not ready for its Kodak moment. (I should’ve studied our genius tricks to keep your freezer organized.) Once I cleared a space in the freezer for my plastic wrap, I snapped a pic and got back to the business of packing lunch.

Fast-forward 11 hours, when I was ready to put away dinner. Where is that plastic wrap? Oh, right! I tried freezing it.

Does Storing Plastic Wrap in the Freezer Work?

I pulled the cling wrap out of the freezer and what do you know? It stuck AMAZINGLY tight over my plate of brown rice cakes. This is due, I have since read, to the freezer’s cold interfering with the plastic’s static cling. Nobody likes static cling, because that’s what leads to a lot of—if I may say it—wrap rage.

Frozen plastic wrap is virtually static-free. The thin wrap softens up just in time to wrap tightly around your favorite leftovers—but it comes out firmly and less likely to stick to itself. Yay!

Did the trick succeed enough to earn plastic wrap a permanent place in my freezer? Time will tell. I’m going to see how much I like it, whether I’m able to keep room available for it. Most important, I’m going to see if I can remember where the heck I put it!

Psst…I think washable, reusable bowl covers like this are a cute option, too. I gave a set to my sister Lana last Christmas. Her husband is always cooking up creative crowd-sized meals! I just might treat myself to a set as well.

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