Best Smart Scales for 2022

Smart scales are great tools to help you achieve fitness and health goals, but which is the best smart scale for your needs?

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Smart scales use WiFi or Bluetooth to sync up with your smartphone, allowing you to record and track measurements such as your weight, body-fat percentage and more. It’s pretty cool technology that can help you work toward your health goals.

If you’re in the market for a smart scale, there are a wide range of products available at many price points — so many that you may find yourself questioning which one is right for you. To help you find the best smart scale, here are some of the top-rated models and the areas where they excel.

Best Smart Scale for Accuracy

The Withings Body+ is a highly-rated smart scale that measures weight, body fat and water percentages, as well as muscle and bone mass. It connects to your phone via WiFi and can support up to eight users with individual profiles, automatically recognizing the person who’s on the scale. It even features a pregnancy tracker to support healthy weight gain, and a baby mode for your home’s youngest members.

Amazon reviewers say it’s easy to use and accurate. “I was a previous Fitbit Aria user,” writes one verified buyer. “And after a year of wildly inaccurate readings, I’d just had enough. … So, enter the [Withings] Body+. I’ve only had it a day and can already tell it’s insanely better. It was a breeze to set up and it seems to give pretty accurate readings, never varying by more than a fraction of a pound.”

Best Smart Scale for Value

You can save some bucks with the affordable RENPHO Bluetooth Smart Scale, which measures weight, body mass index (BMI), body-fat percentage and more. Its sensors measure in increments of two-tenths of a pound for precise results, and it’s compatible with a variety of health apps, including Fitbit, Apple Health and Google Fit.

“This RENPHO scale was beyond easy to set up, it’s fast and syncs perfectly with the app and Apple Health,” says one verified Amazon buyer. However, a few reviewers note the app is a bit “clunky” to use.

Best Splurge-Worthy Smart Scale

If you want a smart scale that’s packed with features, the Withings Body Cardio is the way to go. Besides standard measurements like weight and body fat percentage, it can track your standing heart rate and automatically recognizes up to eight users. Plus, it can sync up with more than 100 popular health and fitness apps.

“This is a great scale specially if you want to keep track of your weight or trying to achieve a specific goal,” writes one Amazon reviewer. “Integration with app is great to be able to follow all your progress. You also get a lot more information beside[s] your weight; you also get BMI, heart rate, etc. giving you a much better picture of your body[‘s] overall health.”

Best Smart Scale for Fitbit Users

If you want a product that will work well with your Fitbit, that popular brand of smart watches and fitness trackers, go with the Fitbit Aria 2. This smart scale tracks weight, body-fat percentage, lean mass and BMI, which all automatically appear on your Fitbit dashboard. The scale can recognize up to eight users, keeping everyone’s data private. Amazon reviewers like the option to set goals via the app.

“I use this to track all aspects of my weight,” says one verified buyer. “With it, through the Fitbit app, I can set mini goals for body fat percentage and my overall weight. It also tracks weight trends [via the app] and I love how much progress I’ve made with it!”

Best Smart Scale for Garmin Users

For Garmin fitness tracker users, the Garmin Index Smart Scale is one of your best options. The sleek design keeps track of your weight, BMI, body-fat percentage, water percentage, bone mass and muscle mass, and it supports up to up to 16 users. The scale automatically transfers user information to the Garmin Connect platform, and reviewers say it syncs flawlessly.

“I’ve been really, really happy with this scale,” writes one Best Buy reviewer. “It works quickly and uploads data automatically, which means I’m a lot more likely to get on the scale.”

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