This One Sign Could Mean Snakes in Your Engine

The warmth of the engine became an attractive resting place.


Talk about a serpentine belt.

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A Wisconsin driver discovered a 4-ft. python inside his mothers vehicle that he borrowed last week, according to an Associated Press story. He pulled over because he experienced engine trouble and when he popped the hood discovered that the python had found a place to hide out, according to the AP.

The snake actually damaged the serpentine belt, according to Fox News, perhaps it had a bit of self-loathing.

Police attempted to remove the snake to no avail, according to Fox News, and called in Steve The Snake Man Keller to remove the snake.

Its illegal to own exotic pets in Omro, Wisconsin, where the snake was recovered. The owner came forward, according to the Oshkosh Northwestern, but wont be able to have the snake any longer. Instead, Keller plans to adopt it.

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