Bosch’s New Thermal Camera a ‘Staple for Any Toolbox’

The camera gives DIYers and pros an easy way to accurately measure, visualize and analyze thermal variance on almost any job.

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Multinational power tools giant Bosch recently announced the release of a new thermal camera designed to give DIYers and pros an easy way to accurately measure, visualize and analyze thermal variance on almost any job.

The lightweight GTC400C 12V Max Connected Thermal Camera is the first in the company’s “detection product” lineup and, according to Bosch, is setting the standard for detail and accuracy.

“Perfect for professionals and the DIY handyman, the GTC400C is the best value thermal camera on the market,” says Bosch Product Manager Ricardo Pedroso. “With applications that include identifying and locating electrical wiring trouble, HVAC issues, window draft sources and all facets of construction, the device’s intuitive user interface and ability to simply and accurately visualize and pinpoint a problem makes it a cost-effective staple for any toolbox.”

Whether you’re safeguarding electrical wiring, searching for a drafty window or spotting a roof leak before it becomes a disaster, the device’s ability to detect thermal variance at any worksite gives DIYers and pros “clear and actionable information about what needs to be done,” Pedroso adds.

Other features include:

  • A 3-1/2-inch, 19,200-pixel color display;
  • Captures thermal images at 160×120 resolution;
  • Thermal measurements accurate to ±4 degrees F;
  • Camera detection from 14 to 752 degrees F;
  • Built-in memory for 600 images.

In addition to the thermal camera, the device features an integrated visual camera to provide better reference. It allows users to compare images side-by-side, picture-in-picture or overlaid for a greater understanding of their worksite and the scope of their problem.

The GTC400C runs on the Bosch 12V Max battery platform, providing versatility and a long runtime for complex jobs. It also features an IP53 rating, which means it’s water and dust resistant. The battery, its charger, a USB charging cable and a carrying pouch come standard with each order. The whole thing retails for $1,199.

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