New BriqCash Payment and Rewards Platform for Contractors

BriqCash is a new way for construction workers to manage their finances and earn some industry-specific rewards along the way.

Briq, a software company that specializes in construction finances, just announced the launch of their new platform “BriqCash“, an all-in-one financial system for contractors. Through BriqCash, contractors will be able to process invoices automatically, manage expenses and employee payment cards, and make direct payments all while earning rewards and cash back on purchases.

The service is intended to provide contractors and construction accountants with one central tool through which they can control a construction company’s entire money workflow.

“We are the only platform in construction that takes contractors from plan to pay in one seamless motion,” said Briq CEO Bassem Hamdy.

The BriqCash rewards program works similarly to any other rewards program: anytime contractors spend money through BriqCash, they earn points that can then be redeemed for specific rewards. Where the BriqCash program differs from other rewards programs, though, is in the kinds of rewards that it offers, which include tools, equipment rentals, and supplies.

Other features of the BriqCash platform include:

  • Accounting automation that eliminates the need for manual data entry.
  • Physical and virtual debit cards for workers that can be reloaded with funds every pay cycle.
  • Automation of expense reporting, invoices, and accounts payable.

BriqCash is currently in a pilot program. Randy Smith, a CPA for a Texas-based mechanical specialty contractor, has been using BriqCash system for the last few months and has praised it as a time-saver.

“We think this is going to be a game changer for the construction industry,” Smith told Construction Dive.

For more information and to sign up for the BriqCash waiting list, visit the BriqCash website. 

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