Why Woodworkers Should ALWAYS Have Lip Balm On Hand

Did you know lip balm such as Chap Stick can be used to lubricate screws when working with hardwoods? Smear a bit on the screw before driving it in wood.



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While working as a telephone installer, I found that Chap Stick is not only a good remedy for chapped lips, it is also a handy pocket-size lubricant for easing nail and screw applications. Rev. Jim Irving

Lubricating screws is especially important when working with hardwoods such as maple, walnut or cherry, when driving fasteners can be difficult and produces a lot of heat. Many woodworkers keep beeswax or even a toilet wax ring in their workshop for lubricating screws, but lip balm will do the job, too. Its small size fits nicely in a toolbox or in a pocket for toting to different jobsites, plus you can use it to soothe dry lips.