You Need to Check this Home Safety Feature Before Winter

Before you've got a house full of guests, be sure to check this home safety feature. The best time is to check it before winter.

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carbon monoxide detectorFamily Handyman

Winterize Your Carbon Monoxide Detector

You’ve got a house full of guests, so the oven and stove are working overtime, the water heater is struggling to keep up with demand, the fireplace is burning and the furnace is fighting the cold. It’s the perfect setting for carbon monoxide buildup.

So if you don’t already have a UL-listed carbon monoxide detector, put it at the top of your shopping list. Detectors are available on Amazon. Get more information about carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms to keep your family and friends safe all year. You can also take a look at these best carbon monoxide detectors.

Check Your Water Heater

check water heaterFamily Handyman

While you’re at it, this also a good idea to check your water heater before winter. Extend the life of your water heater tank and maintain your water heater’s efficiency and safety with a few minutes of basic winterization maintenance once a year. Learn how to clean sediment from your water heater here.

Set aside some time now to complete these simple fall maintenance tasks so you can rest easy, knowing you’re prepared.