Don’t Throw Out a Single Strand This Season With This Christmas Lights Repair Tool

It happens every year—you're ready to deck the halls only to be left with a couple burnt out bulbs. Before you throw that strand away, fix the lights yourself with this Christmas lights repair tool!

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It’s one of those classic holiday moments when you hold your breath and cross your fingers—plugging in the Christmas lights you carefully packed away last year. That was back when every light turned on without fail, and as luck would have it, now there are a couple of pesky ones that won’t comply. But before you turn into the Grinch, save the day (and save yourself a headache!) by fixing it right on the spot, thanks to this Christmas lights repair tool: the LightKeeper Pro.

This clever device repairs your unlit bulb faster than you can say, “Merry Christmas!” Find out how this tool can save the day, and put the merry back into your merry-making.

Also, find out the reasons why your Christmas lights are not working.

What Is The LightKeeper Pro?

The LightKeeper Pro is an incandescent light set repair tool that fixes Christmas lights that won’t turn on. This handy device comes with everything you need to get the job done: a bulb tester, fuse tester, audible voltage detector, 10 replacement bulbs, three batteries and a storage compartment.


  • No assembly required
  • Works on pre-lit Christmas trees, icicle light sets, wreaths and garlands
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Fewer tossed light sets means less environmental waste


How to Use the LightKeeper Pro

This Christmas light repair tool has two different ways to repair inoperable lights. With the Quick Fix method, start by removing any bulb from the unlit strand. Next, plug the LightKeeper Pro into the light set and pull the trigger. This sends a pulse through the light set, locating the faulty bulb and fixing its shunt.

If that doesn’t solve the problem, use the included Audible Voltage Detector, which lets you see where the electricity has stopped flowing. Lay out the light strand and run the LightKeeper Pro back and forth across the strand. A continuous beeping sound detects voltage; when the beeping stops at a certain bulb, that signals an electrical flow issue. Next, remove the bulb in question and plug it directly into the tester. Once the bulb lights up, add it back to the light strand and you’re good to go!

The Best Amazon User Reviews

Verified Amazon user Fuzz used this tool on his pre-lit tree and garland. “The garland, which was half-lit, clicked on after one try,” he writes. “The tree took more time to test and figure out, but at the end of the night…every light is back on.”

“Incredible gadget—it worked quickly to resolve multiple issues!” writes another happy customer, Dave. He adds: “Sound like a fix it tool that is too good to be true right? Well it is true and the Light Keeper Pro does everything they say, it made our old artificial tree look brand new again. $20 well spent for a great tool that will likely get more use in years to come. A+ for sustainability too!”

Where to Buy the LightKeeper Pro

Lightkeeper Pro® Incandescent Light Set Repair Tool

The LightKeeper Pro is currently listed for $29.99, and available for sale at Amazon, Walmart and Target. When it’s time to light up this year’s tree, get yourself an early Christmas present and treat yourself to the LightKeeper Pro.

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