Austrian Startup Unveils Multitasking Construction Robot

A new construction robot is in development that can handle a bunch of jobsite tasks ... and it can climb stairs.

Earlier this month Austrian technology startup Printstones revealed its latest construction robot. The Baubot, which Printstones has been developing since 2017, can navigate a jobsite and perform multiple automated tasks.

Ultimately, Printstones hopes to develop systems that allow multiple Baubot units to work together on jobs.

“What will start as simple robot collaboration can develop into robot swarms working together enabling innovations in various fields, e.g. onsite positioning, environment recognition as well as new intelligent tools and processes,” the company said.

Although it is still in the prototype stage, the potential of the Baubot is high. The machine uses wide treads that enable it to maneuver through doors and even climb stairs. Once in position, the Baubot can perform tasks like welding, driving in screws, and sanding and painting surfaces.

The tech behind the Baubot is, of course, cutting edge. The robot has integrated cameras, built-in lighting and displays that show human operators notifications or advisory messages. But it’s not all just about flashy gadgets. The Baubot is also heavy-duty enough to haul up to 1,100 lbs., making it a great way to move materials on and off a jobsite.

Printstones plans to work with third-party developers to bring further attachments to the Baubot that will allow it to service an even broader range of applications. Eventually, the Baubot may be used not just in construction, but also in areas like shipbuilding and aircraft manufacturing.

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