New Countertop Appliance Claims to Kill Coronavirus on Household Items

Luma and Luma Pro aim to deliver 99.9 percent effectiveness in killing germs, bacteria and viruses — including the coronavirus.

California-based light manufacturer Violux today launched Luma and Luma Pro, a new line of countertop cleaning appliances that claim to harness UV-C light technology to kill pathogens, including the coronavirus. According to Violux, the new lineup kills 99.9 percent of germs, bacteria and viruses in less than three minutes.

The Luma model is designed for consumer households and small offices, delivering simple and dependable cleaning to quickly and effectively disinfect high-touch objects. Luma Pro is a more powerful and faster solution intended for use in restaurants, schools, medical offices, high traffic offices, and public spaces.

How Luma Works

The products are incredibly easy to use — just put your items inside, close the door, hit a button and within three minutes, you’re done.

“Given the current COVID-19 pandemic, we’re seeing a significant market demand for technology solutions that can safely and effectively disinfect personal items used on a daily basis,” said Sean Clottu, CEO and co-founder of Violux. “UV light has been proven to kill the genetic material inside multiple types of pathogens, including coronavirus. We invented the Luma portfolio with a focus on becoming the safest UV light technology in the market, empowering users to trust in the cleanliness of objects they frequently touch.”

Test results from the independent reporting group ResInnova Labs, shared via Violux, showed the Luma portfolio of products had a greater than 99.9 percent kill rate for human beta coronavirus (OC43) and methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). The Luma Pro needs less than 120 seconds to kill harmful pathogens while the Luma takes around 180 seconds to do so.

via violux

What Luma Protects

Some of the most common high-touch household items Luma products claim to disinfect include:

  • Smartphones;
  • Remote controls;
  • Car keys;
  • Computers;
  • Game controllers;
  • Eyeglasses;
  • Baby items;
  • Kids toys;
  • Credit cards;
  • Money;
  • Groceries.

As the first smart UV cleaning device with integrated wireless connectivity, Luma reminds homeowners to disinfect items when they return home. It also tracks usage while providing smart notifications and a comprehensive status of the device. Luma also uses reactor sensing to assure users the device is always working as expected.

While it’s a powerful smart home piece of technology, Luma and Luma Pro were designed to complement rather than replace your current cleaning routine, Clottu told Family Handyman.

“Disposable wipes are effective at cleaning countertops and other surfaces but Luma can safely disinfect high-touch objects such as phones, tablets, and car keys,” he said. “Luma is chemical free, ozone free, and eco-friendly reducing the total number of wipes and other harsh chemicals needed for daily cleaning.”

Where to Get Luma

Violux is accepting pre-orders for Luma and Luma Pro through an Indiegogo campaign that begins today. Both Luma products are discounted 50 percent in their initial offering — $249 for Luma (retail value: $499) and $399 for Luma Pro (retail value: $799).

Production of Luma products is set to begin in November 2020 with first units scheduled to ship in December.