How to Avoid Callbacks (and Other Customer Service Tips)

Avoid callbacks. Increase repeat business. Generate more referrals. These are must-read tips for all painting contractors, but they also apply to most business owners.

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Best ways to avoid callbacks

In the painting business, callbacks are profit killers. The good news isthat most callbacks can be avoided by using the best products,building trust with your clientsthrough bettercommunication,andalways trying toexceed expectations.Remember the contractors golden rule: Happy customers are repeat customers. Here are some great tips to keep your customers happyand avoid callbacks.

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Educate customers through communication

Communication leads to trust, so open the dialog as soon as possible and continue it as the project progresses, the more information the better.Here are just a few of the things you and your client should be discussing:

  • Describe in detail how the entire process will take place
  • Discuss the possibilities of delays due to weather, other subs, orpotentiallydamaged surfaces
  • Talk about start and finish times and point out any inconveniences the client may experienceduring the process
  • Distinguish yourself from the competition and build confidence by pointing out that you only use the highest quality products
  • Talk about color variation due to changes in lighting
  • Providerealisticexpectationsabout surface performances and longevity
  • Convey any information that will eliminate surprisessurprises are rarely a good thing
  • Respond in a timely manner
  • Theres no such thing as too much information.

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Stick to painting

Often timesapro painter encountersa job that falls out of their area of expertise like carpentry and electrical work. This is especially common on exterior paint projects where rotted wood and light fixtures that need replacing are frequent occurrences.

Instead of agreeing to take on major wood repairs orevenreplacing asimplefloodlight, recommend they call a carpenter or electrician. Better yet do a little networking and build relationships with other trade professionals that you can recommend and who would be willing to recommend you.

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Use pro-caliber products and tools

  • Its impossible to achieve a pro-quality results with inferior tools
  • Poor results will negatively affect your reputation
  • Cheaper products will cost you more by lowering productivity

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Leave it better than you found it

Whether a general contractor or homeowner, yourclientsare guaranteed to sing your praises if you take just a small amount of time to give them a little extra something.Theyll also be much more understanding if a problem does arise.Here are few examples:

  • Lube asqueaky door on the way out
  • Offer to change aburnt-outlight bulb when you have a ladder nearby
  • Dust off a vent register, ceiling fan or clean a window thats high off the ground
  • Sweep a floor that may be just abit out of your work area
  • Point out potential problem areas that they may not know about like roof damage youmay haveobserved
  • Touch up the mailbox or bird feeder post when your finished with the fence

Once again:

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Happy customers are repeat customers

For more, check out our guidelines for subcontractor etiquette.