Deals We Love: Smart Home Devices

Controlling entry into your home and lighting from anywhere provides convenience and peace of mind.

Think of coming back to a well-lit home whenever you’ve been away. Imagine never having to worry that your family will accidentally be locked out of the house. Picture customizing your home’s lighting from room to room, based on the ambience you want to create. In Deals We Love this week, we’re highlighting two popular smart home products that are priced to move.

via the home depot

Caseta Smart Lighting Dimmer Switch Starter Kit

One of The Home Depot’s “best sellers,” the Caseta smart light switch starter kit by Lutron gives you easy and reliable control of your lights, shades and temperature from its free app. It provides superior dimming performance with LED bulbs and controls your lights from wherever you are in the house or garage. You can also set your lights to automatically adjust with the seasons so you and your family will always arrive to a well-lit home.

Why We Love It: The Lutron smart light switch is compatible with almost everything, including smart home devices from Amazon, Apple, Google, Ring, Serena and Sonos. You can use the app or your phone to create personalized schedules to change lights at set times or activate scenes with the touch of a button. It normally retails for $99.95 but is available for $79.95 (20 percent discount) for a limited time.

via the home depot

Mighty Mule 1HP Smart Garage Door Opener

This garage door opener from Mighty Mule offers peace of mind that is tough to beat. It’s a one-horsepower workhorse designed for smooth and soundless operation. The Mighty Mule app and voice controls let you open your garage door from anywhere and be notified on your smartphone when someone else does. Dimmable and adjustable dual-panel LED lighting provides the perfect amount of light in even the darkest garage.

Why We Love It: Mighty Mule’s lifetime warranty on the motor, LED lights and steel-reinforced belt is a good place to start. Consumers seem to love the product too, rating it an average of 4.8 out of five stars on The Home Depot web site. We also love that it’s compatible with Alexa and Google smart speakers. It normally retails for $225.57 but is available for $119 (47 percent discount) for a limited time.

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