Decking That Doesnt Burn

Don't build a deck you can't walk on during the hot summer months

A deck featuring Moisture Shield decking | Construction Pro Tips

When shopping for composite or engineered decking material most people are only concerned with how it looks, what it costs, and how long it will last. Not enough people consider heat. When exposed to full sunlight, engineered and composite decking can get very, very hot. And the darker the color,the hotter it gets.

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MoistureShieldhas addressed this toasty issue with theirCoolDeckcomposite decking that they claim keeps deck boards up to 35% cooler on thoseblazinghotsummer days.CoolDeckreflectsmuch of theheat instead of absorbing it like most other composite decking. In addition to comfort, cooler decking doesnt expand as much, which makes it less susceptible to deflection that can lead to dips, bows and an all around wavy deck.Excessive expansion and contraction can also lead to large unseemly gaps.

So if youre shopping for composite decking, you might want to check outMoistureShield. It would be kind of a disaster if you built a deck that your dog couldnt take a nap on or your kidscouldnt walk on with bare feet.

Check out their website for more info.