DIY Bird Feeder Wreath

Learn how to make a bird feeder from seed heads and a grapevine wreath. This DIY bird feeder project makes a great gift!

bird feeder wreath

By Daisy Siskin

If you’ve ever been torn between the desire to tidy up the dead seed heads of spent summer blooms and leaving a good food source for birds, then this project is perfect. It will give you and the birds the best of both worlds! Just collect your spent blooms and turn them into an attractive DIY bird feeder.


  • Screen
  • Rope or twine
  • Grapevine wreath
  • Assorted seed heads

bird feeder wreath materials

Step 1

You can use just about any kind of screen for this project as long as it provides good drainage and the holes aren’t too big. (I used a spatter screen, but a window screen would work.) Cut to fit in the middle of your wreath and remove everything else that could potentially get in the way.

Step 2

bird feeder wreath

Cut the twine or rope into three lengths, about 48 in. each. Tie at evenly spaced intervals around the wreath.

Step 3

bird feeder wreath how-to

Flip the wreath over on your work surface and place the screen on the back of the wreath. Thread a length of wire through the screen near the edge and then around a sturdy vine in the wreath, twisting the ends together to secure. Do this at three or four intervals or until screen is tight.

Step 4

bird feeder wreath putting sunflowers in wreath

Flip the wreath back onto its right side, and begin tucking the seed heads in among the vines. Continue until the wreath is covered. Fill the middle with your favorite birdseed and hang!

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