This DIY Project Causes The Most Arguments for Couples

This survey proves which project strikes the deepest nerve for couples.

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Embarking on any DIY project really isn’t an easy feat. It takes a lot of precision and focus to make sure everything goes smoothly. So it only makes sense that any tag-teamed project could end up in utter chaos (especially if it involved one of these 13 ridiculous home improvement fails that will make you cringe). According to a recent survey, the following projects cause the most arguments for couples.

Porch, a company dedicated to helping others improve their homes, surveyed 1,187 people to look into “DIYer’s biggest home improvement mistakes.” They looked at money spent, demographics, types of projects, and even the projects that cause the most fights between partners. Of the 28 percent of DIYers that reported fighting with a significant other, many of them admitted to having the same types of fights.

The survey revealed that electrical wiring or rewiring projects are the cause of 44 percent of arguments among couples. Couples tend to specifically fight over replacing electrical outlets (39 percent) or installing ceiling fans (38 percent) which in all honesty, sounds like a pretty complicated project to begin with. Maybe these 12 tips for easier home electrical wiring will help.

Followed closely behind electrical wiring and rewiring, partners also tend to fight over drywall hanging or patching (42 percent). Other project fights that showed up in the survey included exterior paint jobs (33 percent), floor installation (30 percent), landscaping (29 percent), interior paint (22 percent) plumbing (20 percent) and appliance installation (17 percent).

Looking at these projects, it seems partners specifically have a hard time with fixing electrical problems and painting. While plumbing and appliance installation sound complicated, Porch said only 1 in 5 surveyors expressed having conflict over plumbing. Maybe it’s because they were using these top 10 plumbing fixes, this four-step guide to replacing a dishwasher, or this guide on how to install a gas stove.

Porch also notes that interior painting ranks lower than exterior painting, given the nature of the activity. While it could cause fights among couples, partners tend to attach interior painting with some kind of new beginning. Painting a baby room, moving in together, or even buying a new home, are all activities that could spark positive vibes and more accommodating moods.

While electrical problems seem to be the most stressful, Porch reports that 46 percent of fights occur due to project mistakes. So if you do have an electrical problem that you and your partner need to handle together, you can avoid fighting by remembering these 11 epic electrical fails.

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