Do You Still Need to Spray for Bugs in Winter?

No one likes unwanted house guests. Here's how to keep bugs from moving inside for the winter.

As the weather cools, many homeowners begin winterizing their homes, gardens and yards. Key home tasks include filling any gaps in the foundation and removing trash to avoid attracting bugs.

However, many homeowners still wonder if they need to spray for bugs during wintertime. If you’re not sure how to keep bugs out of your home this winter, consider this your introductory guide. We’ll cover when, where and how to spray for bugs, as well as other ways to deter hibernating pests.

Should I Spray for Bugs in Winter?

Absolutely. According to Apple Pest Control, winter is the best time to spray for bugs.

“[T]he spray that pest control companies use can be broken down by high temperatures, rain and sunlight,” the company says on its website. Those things are, of course, less of a factor during the winter.

What Bugs Should I Spray for in Winter?

Many bugs that come inside during winter are arthropods like cockroaches, spiders and ants, per Bug Blasters Pest Control.

“These types of bugs are exothermic — meaning they cannot produce their own heat,” the company says on its website. “They are dependent on the temperatures where they live in order to survive. When temperatures … start to dip, these types of bugs begin to scurry indoors, where it is nice and warm, in order to survive.”

When in Winter Should I Spray for Bugs?

A recent report by CBS found that most pest control companies recommend spraying for bugs every three months. In general, because bugs move indoors when the temperature drops, it’s a good idea to contact a local pest control company during the fall as soon as you notice the weather getting chillier.

Where Should I Spray for Bugs?

“Bugs search for dark and warm places to spend their time during the cold season of the year,” per Apple Pest Control. “These places typically include basements, closets and pantries.” Pantries can be especially appealing to bugs, who smell the food.

To keep bugs out of these areas, pest control companies will target all of the entries into your home — doors and windows, plus any cracks or holes in the foundation.

How Should I Spray for Bugs?

Of course, you can always hire a local pest control company. But if you’d prefer to DIY your pest control, follow these tips from BioAdvanced Pest Control:

  • Spray your insecticide in a continuous band around your home’s perimeter.
  • Spray insecticide with the wind to avoid dousing yourself by accident.
  • Spray where different building materials meet, like around window frames.
  • Spray anywhere you spot insects, like around the garage or shed.

Finally, be sure to properly seal your stored food and keep your yard and home free of debris and excess trash. All these strategies can keep bug infestations at bay.