Drill Press Table

This well-designed drill press table will transform it into a woodworkers dream. The 4-sq.-ft. surface supports large boards for any drilling task.

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The Perfect Accessory

If your woodworker has a conventional drill press with the standard dinky metal table, this well-designed accessory will transform it into a woodworker’s dream. The 4-sq.-ft. surface supports large boards for any drilling or drumsanding task. The fence splits to varying widthsgreat for picking up chips with the vacuum port or drilling scalloped edges with a hole saw poking partway out. After using the Rockler table ($100 at rockler.com), we wondered why special woodworkers’ tables weren’t options on all drill presses.

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Features To Look For

1 – Adjustable Fence

Before I purchased a drill press table, I had to find a scrap board and cleverly clamp it in place. The adjustable fence on newer tables open a new world and speed up your workflow immensely. I don’t even need to think about it before I step to my drill press.

2 – Included Clamps

This feature can be both good and bad. Tables on the market generally don’t come with clamps but have tracks to accept them. If you have ever used a drill press once, you realize that it gives off the most sawdust of any tool so those handy tracks just fill with dust. Consider this when setting up your station and have a vacuum close.

3 – Adjustable Stop

Creating a stop for consistent drilling is incredibly important in DIY. Many tables have a channel on the fence for an adjustable stop and it is invaluable.

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