Dust-Collectin’, Bit-Storin’ Router Fence

This router fence makes things easy in the workshop with its dust-collecting abilities and bit storage capabilities. See how it works.

Dust-collecting-router-fenceFamily Handyman

Travis’s router fence is a masterpiece of convenience and efficiency. The router is mounted under an extension table attached to his table saw. When routing, he slides the table saw fence over and clamps on a 5-in.-wide box with a mouse hole on the side for the bit recess. A drawer for bit storage pulls out of one end, and a shop vacuum hose press-fits in a hole in the other end to spirit away nearly all the chips.

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“I glued plastic laminate on the fence so workpieces slide along smoothly, and I made the back of the box stick out three inches on both ends so it’s easy to clamp to the table saw fence,” he said

Bit storage router fenceFamily Handyman