Easy DIY Garden Kneeling Pad

This DIY garden kneeling pad is larger and easier on the knees than many sold in stores.

It’s no secret that gardening is tough on the knees. A good quality garden kneeling pad can help cushion you from stray rocks and sharp pieces of mulch, and even keep your knees from getting quite as dirty (maybe). I find that many of the kneelers sold in stores are a little small, and not always very durable. So I decided to spend a little money and make my own garden kneeling pad using a kitchen floor mat and some colorful duct tape. This project is very fast and easy, and my new garden kneeler is very comfy to use!

DIY-Garden-Kneeling-Pad-MaterialsBirds and Blooms

DIY Garden Kneeling Pad Materials

  • Kitchen mat, the kind with memory foam and vinyl cover, 18 X 30 inches
  • Duct tape in your choice of pattern
  • Scissors
  • Marker or pen

DIY Garden Kneeling Pad Instructions

  • Fold the mat in half and use the marker to draw a line down the center.
  • Cut the mat in half as shown. Trim the cut edges to be as even as possible.
  • Cut a piece of masking tape a little longer than one side of the cut mats. With the vinyl sides of the mat facing out, fasten the two pieces of mat together using the tape as shown. Trim the edges of the tape.
  • Repeat with two more sides of the mat. Leave the fourth side open while you create the handle.
  • Cut a piece of tape about 10 inches long. Fold the tape in half lengthwise. Turn the two ends down evenly and tape into place along the open edge of the mat (inside) as shown.
  • Tape closed the fourth side of the mat. Trim the tape along the handle as shown. When finished, add small pieces of tape to fill in the gaps.
  • Press all the masking tape firmly in place along the edges of the garden kneeling pad. You’re ready to get busy in the garden!

DIY-Garden-Kneeling-Pad-InstructionsBirds and Blooms

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