Easy Tips to Theft Proof Your House During Winter

Thieves look for easy pickings, during the holiday season especially. These tips will help protect you and your home this season.

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Thanks to delivery services such as Amazon, shopping for others has certainly gotten easier. You just order a gift online and wait for it to be shipped to you without having to face the crowds at a store. Yes, it’s much easier, but it’s also easier for theft to take place. Just a simple grab-and-go situation once your package is placed at the front door. And if you’re not careful, you may never know who took the present you so carefully picked out online. Feeling nervous? Then maybe it’s time to theft-proof your house.

Package theft, also known as “porch pirates,” have been all over the news recently. Especially during the holidays, these thieves travel around to different houses scouting out boxes sitting outside. According to CNBC, residents of rural areas are more likely to experience package theft—especially those in North Dakota, Vermont, Alaska, and New Mexico. Since a whopping 83 percent of people shop for holiday gifts online, it makes sense that this type of thievery has become “popular” over the years. And the last thing you probably want is to be a victim of the said crime.

Porch pirates aren’t the only type of thieves you’ll need to worry about this winter. Other break-ins can occur on your home, especially during the winter when you may be far away if you plan on taking a trip somewhere warm. If that’s the case, here are a few things you can try to keep intruders and thieves at bay.

Set up a camera

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Maybe having a security camera outside your house seems silly, but it is a foolproof way of catching a thief red-handed. Plus, a camera such as this one can actually catch footage and send it to you right away, or even give you an option to watch over the house when you feel the need. This camera has night vision, a motion detector, and will email alert you right away when something happens.

Try a driveway alarm

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This nifty driveway alarm will alert you when there’s any unwanted motion around your property. With it’s 500 foot wireless range, it will let you know early if someone is approaching your house that shouldn’t be.

Motion detectors


If you live in a neighborhood, having motion detector lights can actually be quite useful when catching a thief. The light will switch on as the thief approaches your home, making it stand out to your neighbors around you. Plus, thieves aside, having a motion detector light can actually be quite useful at night if you’re getting home late.

Shatter-resistant window film


Breaking in from a window is a common way for thieves to get inside your home, so stop them in their tracks. This window film will keep the window in form even after breaking it with a hard object, making the whole “hopping through the window” trick harder to execute.

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