3 Essential Tools DIYers Should Always Buy on Amazon

At less than $20 each, these go-to tools are not only cheap, theyre just as goodif not better!than anything else like em.

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Watch this video to learn more about why we love these trustyand cheap!tools. Plus, check out these amazing tool deals that are apart of Amazons summer sale.

Stanley Classic 99 Utility Knife

stanley classic 99 utility knifevia amazon.com

A retractable utility knife is a staple in everyones toolbox.This model from Stanley is as basic as you can get, and thats the reason we love it so much. It can do any job a utility knife is expected to do, there arent any frills to break, and its tough and compact. Instead of spending up to $30 on a fancy utility knife with unnecessary bells and whistles, get this one on Amazon insteaditll be the best $5 youve ever spent on a tool!

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CH Hanson Magnetic Stud Finder

ch hanson magnetic stud findervia amazon.com

Whether youre hanging pictures or installing trim, an essential to-do during many DIY projects is finding a stud behind drywall. The CH Hanson magnetic stud finder will help you do just that while saying sayonara to lights, beeps and batteries. It uses strong rare earth magnets to locate screws that hold the drywall to the studs, once you find a screw you know where the stud is. If youre looking for a basic tool to locate studs, look past the electronic stud finders that are hit or miss, and pick this magnetic version up for $8 on Amazon. We love inexpensive tools, but these are the ones you should definitely consider splurging on!

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Bessey 3/4-in. H Series Pipe Clamps

bessy pipe clamps on amazonvia amazon.com

If youre on a budget and in the market for a clamp or two, there are no other clamps as versatile as pipe clamps. Buy the clamps themselves and fit them with a threaded black pipe of any size, and youve got yourself a tough, cheap and really long-lasting clamp. You can even thread multiple lengths of pipe together to get an infinitely long pipe clamp! Plus, check out these 13 ways master woodworkers use wood clamps.

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