Sony Noise Canceling Headphones Are Today’s Favorite Amazon Prime Day Deal

You won't believe the savings on these headphones. It's an incredible Prime Day Deal you can't pass up!

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Amazon Prime Day is not over yet! The two-day event ends tonight at midnight, so you still have time to shop some of the most amazing deals.

We woke up extra early to source the all-time low prices on small kitchen appliances, patio furniture, tools and electronics. If there’s a big ticket item you’ve been considering, check out if it’s part of today’s Amazon Prime Day Sale list.

We’ve been shopping up a storm, but if we had to pick a favorite, we found these Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones that are — wait for it — 61 percent off! Amazon is practically giving these high quality headphones away. They’re great for listening to music or your favorite podcasts while you mow the lawn, finish that DIY project or drown out distractions while working in the home office.

What’s the Amazon Prime Day Deal?

The Sony Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones automatically sense your environment with dual noise sensor technology. Whether you’re in the yard, the gym or the office, they’ll deliver the best noise canceling performance to fit your needs.

Normally these headphones cost $199.99, but today on Amazon Prime Day you can get them for just $78! That’s $121.99 in savings, which means you’re saving more than you’re paying! It’s an incredible deal.

What Does This Noise Cancelling Headphones Deal Come With?

These Sony headphones have an impressive 35 hours battery life, so you can use them all day long and then some. And all-day wear is not a problem. They’re super comfortable, featuring an adjustable metal slider and soft oval-shaped ear pads.

When they do eventually run out of juice, they charge quickly. Even a 10 minute charge with the USB Type-C charger gives you 60 minutes of play back time.

If you’re using the headphones around pets or kids and you still need to hear them (but maybe not so loudly), you can switch on the ambient sound option. It lets in important sounds from the outside world. Plus, besides music and podcasts, you can also use them for hands-free phone calls. Just tap on the headphones to answer the call — convenient when you’re weeding the garden or walking the dog.

Now the only question is, what will you listen to first? Be sure to check out some of our favorite home improvement podcasts!

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