Will This Product End Laundry Day?

This is either the greatest product ever sold or a complete waste of $5. Find out if it works.

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We all hate laundry day to an extent. Sure, putting on fresh clothes is gratifying, but waiting for your dryer to finish and folding all your undies gets really time-consuming. Febreze believes they have come up with the perfect product to combat the endless washing cycle with their Clothing Odor Eliminator Spray. Did they succeed? Kind of. Let me explain.

Febreze Odor Eliminator SprayFebreze

Does Febreze Clothing Odor Eliminator Work?

I should be clear, Febreze doesn’t believe this will replace your washing and drying machines. They think it is a great way to quickly refresh your clothes after light use, keep some of your garments out of the hamper and pass the sniff test. If that is something you’re looking for then, yes, Febreze Clothing Odor Eliminator works.

The Clothing Odor Eliminator is a quick-drying spray. Simply spray the clothing item a few times, hang it up to dry and then toss it back in with your clean clothes. After testing the product, it does what is advertised, but I wouldn’t use the spray on all my clothes.

It’s more for your jeans and loungewear—things you already wear a few times in between washing—that need a little freshening. I definitely wouldn’t use it on my underwear, gym shirts or socks—stuff that needs a thorough cleaning after each wear.

Febreze Clothing Odor Eliminator Price

The $5 price tag makes it easy to try the Febreze Clothing Odor Eliminator. Plus, if it cuts down the number of loads of laundry you do each week, it’s worth it.

I don’t know how different it is from other Febreze products. When I walked down the Febreze aisle at the store, I was shocked at how many products are in the Febreze family—one for just about every surface in your home. You may be able to achieve the same goal with other Fabreze fabric sprays.

The quick-drying spray comes in three scents: Crisp Clean, Downy April Fresh and Gain Original, so there are a few options to find the scent you like best.

Buy this interesting spray product from Febreze right here.

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