Five Essential Hand Tools For Trim Carpenters (VIDEO)

Find out which five hand tools you will need while, if you want to be a trim carpenter.

In this video, Richard McMurray of Finish Carpentry TV shares the five hand tools he uses the most while working as a trim carpenter. Watch the video to find out which tools Richard finds indispensable. Then check out this story for more trim carpentry tips.

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Finish Carpentry TV

Richard McMurray, a native Texan from Fort Worth,started his careerworking for a company that specialized in the installation of crown molding. He developed a love for the trade, and after a couple yearshe decided to start his own company.Histwo-man teamspecializedin architectural molding installation.His customerslovedthe quality of hiswork, and now most of his jobs come from repeat business and word of mouth.

Becoming a YouTube celebrity was not on his radar untilone dayin 2013, Richard recorded a short clip about 3-piece molding installation. He was hooked. That experience led toRichard creating hisYouTube Channel,Finish Carpentry TV. The channel has since grown to over 100,000 subscribers and boastsmillions and millions of views.

Thanks for sharing your terrific videos with Construction Pro TipsRichard!