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Toolipedia: Everything you wanted to know about gas torches

Propane gas torch with labeled parts | Construction Pro Tips

What is Gas Torch?  

A gas torch or blow torch is a torch that uses a fuel to heat objectsPropane and Map Pro (a type of propane) are the most common fuel sources for gas torches. Gas torches are used for a variety of jobs, the most common being soldering copper pipes. Gas torches are also used to  loosen stuck and rusted bolts, remove air bubbles from epoxy finishes, strip non-leaded paint, activate shrink wrap and shrink tubing, weld certain materials, braze metal and even destroy weeds. Here are the basic parts: 

  1. Fuel canister 
  2. Torch flame adjustment knob  
  3. Torch ignition lock and ignition button 
  4. Torch burner tube 

Plumbers uses this tool often, but mechanics and those who use specialized finishes may use this frequently as well  

How is gas torch used?  

Operation basics 

  • Slightly open flame adjustment knob 
  • Push ignition button in (this may need to be repeated several times) 
  • Adjust flame to appropriate size 
  • Heat up object 
  • (operation steps may vary depending on the type of igniter)

Accessories available 

  • Brazing nozzle  
  • Extended hose 
  • Heat shrink nozzle 
  • Weed and pest torch kit 
  • Flame spreader 
  • Replacement lighter flints 
  • Solder, Brazing rods, flux 

 Safety guidelines

  • Wear eye protection 
  • Do not heat near fuel sources 
  • Do not store fuel canisters in excessive heat 
  • Disconnect head from canister when not in use 
  • Give time for the flame tube to cool before handling 
  • Do not torch items that may have lead in them 
  • Avoid using torch in confined areas 

 What are the different types of gas torches? 

  • There are a variety of different tips that can be purchased for different tasks 
  • Some older varieties do not have an automatic igniter and will need a striker to light the fuel 
  • Most are fueled by Propane or MAPP 
  • The size of the fuel tank can vary

What makes a good gas torch?  

  • Good igniter 
  • Ergonomic handle  

Bernzomatic makes high quality gas torch.

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Avoid Fires 

Always us a flame protector cloth when soldering near flammable materials like wood. Buy one at amazon.

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