Why You Should Consider Gutting Your Tool Cases

Getting tools back into those molded plastic cases makes a Rubik's cube seem simple.

Family Handyman

The pre-molded tool cases that come with new power tools are great for presentation on store shelves. They are also great for keeping your tools snug on the way home. But once you’ve got the tool in your workshop, they lose almost all practicality. They’re hard to maneuver and they take up way too much space on your workshop shelves. Here are the Family Handyman recommendations for what to do with them.

Simple Solutions

Lose the Case Completely

Just shelve the tool if it generally stays in the shop. It will free up a ton of space and it’ll save you the headache of Jenga-ing that thing back into the case at the end of a long day.

Cut out the Interior Molding

If you can’t part with the case, use either a spiral cutting bit in a rotary tool or a jigsaw to cut out the interior molding. Be sure to leave the lip intact so the case will stay closed and latched. Loosely store the tool and all its accessories in the now cavernous space. Just be sure to keep the tool packed tightly so it doesn’t bounce around during transport or everyday moving around.