Handy Way to Grab a Handle

Keep that hammer handy with a holster.

Family Handyman

Getting a hammer out of a standard tool belt loop takes three mini moves: Grab the head, flick it upward and (hopefully) catch the handlethen start swinging. Ive done this so many times that I dont think twice about it. Thats why, when I saw the Prazi QuickDraw holster, I didnt immediately see an advantage.

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Then I started fiddling with itand grew to like it. Itll never replace my tool belt, but it has a lot of other great uses. You can hang it off your belt or a pocket. When I was working on my knees, it made grabbing and putting away a hammer way easier. For ladder work, it provided a surefire way to pack my hammer. I also liked it for holding a staple gun to install insulation and tar paper. The angle of the holster and the pressure of the metal clamp can be adjusted easily to hold different tools, and it only takes a minute to convert it for left-hand use. Get more info at praziusa.com. Price: about $10. Spike Carlsen