Here’s How Far You Can Actually Drive on Empty

How far can you actually drive on those last few gallons of gas?

Let’s be honest, we’ve all waited a little too long to fill our gas tank after we’ve hit empty. Some of us have been lucky and pulled into the gas station running on fumes, but others have had to walk five miles round-trip to the nearest gas station to refuel. This is why all cars don’t have gas tanks on the same side.

Here are ways you are shortening the life of your car:

But, when the gas light goes on, we never go into an immediate panic because Dad has always said, “You’ve got a few more miles left after the light goes on.” Well, you were right to trust him, and this chart tells you exactly how far you can drive on empty.

Your Mechanic researched the miles remaining once the warning light is on for the top 50 best-selling cars in the United States. It outlines how many gallons of gas are left in your tank and how many miles you’ll be able to drive. This data is based on 2015 models, but these approximations remain the same for newer and older models of the car. Beware, these are the things your mechanic won’t tell you about your car.

So don’t freak out when you’re in the middle of nowhere and your gas light turns on, chances are, you’ll make it to the nearest gas station. While you’re filling up, make sure you don’t make these potentially dangerous mistakes while pumping gas.

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Your Mechanic writes: “Note: For vehicles with “Not available” listed for the point at which the warning light comes on, the light is triggered based on the distance to empty calculator having the listed number of miles remaining.”

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