Hilti Launches Construction Exo-Skeleton Meant to Reduce Wear on Workers

The future of construction might just look a little like something out of a sci-fi movie.

Courtesy of Hilti

Hilti announced late last month they are developing a wearable exoskeleton called the “EXO-O1,” designed to aid construction workers in the field. The company says the exoskeleton is designed to reduce fatigue and limit the strain construction work has on the human body.

“We want to improve the health and safety of our customers, directly impacting jobsite productivity – so they can stay on time and on budget,” said Johannes Huber, the head of Business Unit Diamond Systems at Hilti Group.

The EXO-O1 provides strength and support to the back and shoulders. Hilti says that they believe this new technology is ideally positioned to help an industry impacted by a skilled labor shortage.

“Customers that embrace innovation and invest in the latest health and safety technology will be better able to attract and retain the best people as well as keep their jobsites productive,” says Huber.

Wearable technology on this scale is a massive step forward, especially in an industry infamous for its resistance to change. Hilti plans to help ease that transition by bringing training and support services to jobsites.

“Our innovations have always been fueled by our deep understanding of our customers’ challenges and needs, so it’s only natural that we can drive innovation with solutions for human augmentation and jobsite automation,” said Rafael Garcia, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of Hilti North America.

Whether construction jobsites across the U.S. embrace things like human augmentation remains to be seen. But if they are proven to boost productivity in a substantial way, high-tech tools like the EXO-O1 may soon become unavoidable.

“Human augmentation and jobsite automation innovations, alone or combined, will create productivity gains the likes of which haven’t been seen since cordless tools got a foothold in commercial construction,” said Garcia.

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