Make Hinges Look Like New in 3 Easy Steps

Go for the quick fix when you need to update your cabinet hinges and knobs, it's only three simple steps!

Family Handyman

Make Hinges Like-New

A while back we remodeled our kitchen and decided to replace our chrome fixtures with new ones that had a copper finish. This meant new matching knobs for the doors and drawers as well. When it came to the hinges, it was difficult to find new ones that fit the old mounting holes, and the choices were expensive. We decided that painting the hinges metallic copper would work since they weren’t handled every day and wouldn’t show wear. We removed the hinges, rubbed them with steel wool and sprayed them with metallic paint and a clear coat. The hinges look great, at a fraction of the cost of new. — Dennis Badertscher

These kitchen updates will make your home look more expensive.

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