Home Depot, Harbor Freight and Lowe’s Will Not Partake In This Thanksgiving Tradition

Getting great deals around the holidays certainly is a perk, but is it worth it when it cuts into Thanksgiving dinner? These stores say no.

When the holiday season rolls around, it certainly feels like the most wonderful time of the year—and it all starts on Black Friday. Well, lately, it’s been more of a Thanksgiving Day start. With Black Friday shopping getting more competitive for company sales, stores have started dipping their toes into opening up their doors for “Black Friday” during Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. But this year, some stores won’t stand for it.

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On Oct. 1, BestBlackFriday.com released a list of 43 stores that have refused to open their doors on Thanksgiving Day 2019. The website can confirm the closing of each of these stores after talking to a representative or PR contact for each retailer, and will continue updating the list as Thanksgiving Day (which is on Nov. 28, 2019) draws closer.

Even hardware stores are making the call to stay closed on Thanksgiving. Some of these stores include Ace Hardware, Harbor Freight Tools, Hobby Lobby, Home Depot, IKEA and Lowe’s. Even Costco, BJ’s and Sam’s Club have made the call to stay closed on Thanksgiving Day (which, by the way, you should consider buying these 10 DIY products at Costco).

Some stores even released statements about staying closed on Thanksgiving Day. Costco’s representative nailed it on the head: “As an appreciation of all the hard work our employees do over the course of the year, we have always closed on Thanksgiving to give our employees a chance to relax and enjoy time with their families.”

Sure, this means waiting for some incredible deals. But this is what the holidays are all about, right? So enjoy those special Thanksgiving moments at dinner this year, and get ready for Black Friday shopping on the proper day to do so—Friday.

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