This House Was Renovated to Look Exactly Like the Brady Bunch House

Four episodes on HGTV bring you down memory lane as The Brady Bunch kids helped transform the house into the set they grew up on at Paramount Studios.


It’s been a whopping 50 years since the iconic TV show The Brady Bunch graced our TV screens with its catchy theme song and family drama, yet we still continue to find ways to celebrate the show. Just a year ago, HGTV excited fans of the show when it purchased the very house used solely for exterior shots of the fictitious family’s home from 1969 to 1974. The limited TV series, called A Very Brady Renovation, aired on September 9, 2019. The four episodes bring you down memory lane as The Brady Bunch kids helped transform the house into the set they grew up on at Paramount Studios.

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Located at 11222 Dilling Street in Studio City, California, each week the series unveils a different space within the home that the cast and HGTV stars transformed to look just like it was back in the day. When the final episode airs, fans will get to see how the entire house was transformed back to the colorful, groovy, iconic home of the ’70s.

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The 2,477-square-foot single-family home, originally built in 1959, has all the retro vibes you could ask for. On each episode of A Very Brady Renovation, you’ll get to see just how much attention to detail was spent ensuring everything, from the home’s exterior to the grand entrance to the retro home decor, was made to look exactly as it did in the series.

The Brady kids even sent out an all-call via a promotional video to help source recognizable items from the house. “Help us finish the ‘Brady Bunch’ house,” Christopher Knight (Peter) said in a promotional video, before asking: “Do you have these items in your house?”

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The 90-minute premiere revealed the transformation of the famous exterior, as well as the heart of the home: the living room, dining room and iconic staircase. The replica floating staircase will have you doing a double take, while the cameo of the horse statue on the credenza will give you major nostalgia.

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The reveal proved an emotional experience for the cast, bringing them back to their time filming the show with everything they’d helped transform so similar to the original set. Maureen McCormick Maureen McCormick reportedly kept saying, “I feel like I’m on Stage 5 at the Paramount lot.”

The so-called Jack and Jill bathroom from The Brady Bunch is making a comeback, and it’s easy to see why homebuyers have jumped on the bandwagon.

While has released exclusive photos of the transformation, you’ll have to tune in every Monday at 9|8c to see the full reveal.

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