How To Buy Quality Lawn Seed

Reseeding is a job you can do in a weekend if you have an average-size lawn.

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Lawn Seed Know-Hows

Quality seed mixtures contain different species and varieties of lawn grasses that will better adapt to your lawn’s conditions. Don’t try to save money when you shop for grass seed. Look for the highest-priced seed on the shelf and follow these tips to buy grass seed:

  • Pay attention to the label. The lower the amount of weed seed, crop seed and inert matter, the better.
  • Consult your local county or university extension service for a list of recommended lawn seed varieties for your area. You can also check university websites for tips on how to purchase quality grass seed.
  • For quality lawns in full sun, look for a high percentage of Kentucky bluegrass in the mix.
  • Lawns containing heavy shade should be seeded with a mix containing 70 percent or more fine fescue.
  • Fine fescues (creeping red, sheep’s, hard, chewings) use less water and need less fertilizer and fewer mowings.
  • Avoid mixtures containing annual ryegrass because it lasts for only one year!
  • Stay away from unnamed varieties or “Variety Not Stated” (VNS) ingredients.

Now that the seeding is done, check out these 11 tips for how to get and maintain a lush lawn.

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