How to Clean Your Dish Scrubber

You use it to clean your dishes, but how often do you actually clean your dish scrubber brush?

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You use it to clean your dishes, but how often do you actually clean your dish scrubber brush?

When not properly cared for, those tools we rely on for cleaning up in the kitchen can actually spread harmful bacteria. The trick is to clean your dish scrubber brush to make sure you’re getting the best clean possible. You can also make your own DIY scrubbie using this easy hack.

Brushes are the most hygienic choice for doing dishes, since they are easier to clean and have faster drying times than sponges, according to Angie’s List. And, many dish scrubbers can be thrown in the dishwasher.

“You can stand brushes up, or put them in a caddy where they are likely to dry out,” said Carolyn Forte, director of the home appliances and cleaning products lab at Good Housekeeping Institute. “The material is not as porous as a sponge is, and if something is stuck to the brush, you can see that and rinse it out.”

If yours isn’t dishwasher-safe, here’s how to clean your dish scrubber brush.

  1. Remove any food particles and debris after each use. When you’re done doing dishes, hold the bristles under hot running water until all food particles are gone. Shake off any excess water and hang the brush to dry.
  2. If there is any sticky or greasy residue on the brush, rub a drop or two of dish detergent into the bristles. Rinse under hot running water and hang to dry.
  3. Finally, be sure to sanitize your brush once a week. Angie’s List notes you can do this by soaking the bristles in white vinegar for a couple hours, then just rinse it with hot water. This will also help loosen up any stuck-on residue and built-up bacteria.

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