Straighten Wire in Seconds with This Genius Instagram Hack

Designers, decorators and DIYers, take note!

In recent years, wire art has become a trendy feature of home decor. Many designers are DIYing sculptures out of the affordable material, including Marco Zamora (@want.zamora), a home decor expert, and Liz Fox Roseberry (@foxcraftcustom), a jewelry and home decor DIYer.

However, before it can be sculpted or fashioned, the wire needs to be perfectly straight. Since it’s typically sold in loops or coils, this can be an immediate barrier to entry for many intrigued DIYers. Fortunately, Zamora and Roseberry have the perfect trick to straighten a length of wire in seconds. Here’s how they do it.

How Do You Straighten Wire Quickly?

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Zamora’s viral Instagram reel begins with a borrowed clip from Roseberry. In the clip, Roseberry holds a length of gold wire with a cordless drill beside her and proclaims her method is “the easiest way to straighten wire!”

While Roseberry appears to have taken the original video down, Zamora’s video recreates her process. In response to the method, he first says, “There’s no way that works!” Then he tries it for himself.

Off-camera, Zamora clamps one end of his wire into the drill head. He holds the drill in one hand. Then he holds the other end of the wire using a pair of snub-nose pliers. When he turns on the drill, the wire straightens out, while Zamora looks on in awe.

Are There Any Problems with This Wire Straightening Hack?

@foxcraftcustom How to straighten AND strengthen your wire with a drill… BUT theres a catch. Hope this helps! #wirework #wirecraft #handmadejewelry #jewelrytips #arthacks #lizfoxrosebery ♬ original sound – Liz Fox Roseberry

Yes. As one commenter points out, the drill hack definitely straightens wire, but it also leaves it with “an extremely visible twist in it.”

For many DIY home projects, this will not be a problem. However, if your project involves bending the wire substantially or using the wire to support something heavy, the twist may cause the wire to break.

What Projects Can I Use My Newly Straightened Wire for?

In his video, Zamora makes a “spider tea light candle” holder, which consists of just one long, straight piece of wire bent strategically to hold a tea light out against a wall.

In her videos, Roseberry likes to use her straight wire to make earrings and decor items. We especially love some of the wire structures she made for her wedding, like in the video below. For more home decor inspiration, be sure to check out our favorite DIY projects for the whole family and DIY projects costing less than $50. Happy crafting!