Terrarium Twist: How to Turn an Old Tire Into a Planter Table

Gather round a coffee table that sprouts its own style.


What You’ll Need

  • Tire
  • Enough 1/2-in.-diameter sisaltwisted rope to cover tire
  • Precut oak circle or circular pieceof plywood (to cover bottomhole of tire)
  • 4 short wooden table legs
  • Screws for attaching wood circleand table legs 32-in.-diameter round glasstabletop (or size that will it ontop of tire)
  • Craft moss (see note)
  • Artificial succulent plants Adhesive caulk
  • Glue gun
  • Power drill
  • Wood stain and staining supplies,optional

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  1. If desired, stain wood pieces. Let dry. Turn tire upsidedown. Using adhesive caulk, adhere wood circle to bottom of tire, covering the center hole.
  2. To reinforce the wood circle, drill screws throughwood into tire.
  3. Drill four evenly spacedholes into wood circle for legs. Screw legs into holes.
  4. With tire still upside down,use the glue gun to adhere one end of rope around edge of wood circle. Continue winding and adhering rope around tire, turning tire when needed, until completely covered.
  5. Fill opening on top of tire with craft moss anddecorative succulents. Lay round glass tabletop over tire table.

NOTE: To save money on craft moss, fill tire with bubble wrap, packing peanuts or polyester fiberfill and layer moss on top.

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