IKEA’s Limited Edition Vintage Collection Could Be Worth a Fortune In 20 Years

IKEA furniture could become collectible


Earlier this summer, IKEA announced it would be commemorating its 75th anniversaryand its meteoric rise from a small-town Swedish operation to international flat-pack furniture iconby launching three consecutive throwback collections, called Re-imagined Classics, from August through December. The limited-edition GRATULERA lines feature some of IKEA’s most beloved silhouettes from the 1950s to the 2000s, including the retro GANGET armchair and KNSJ floor lamp.

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The goods are available in-store only, and as die-hard IKEA fans and vintage collectors have begun to realize, they’re well worth the trek. The pieces have already become so coveted that Swedish auction site Barnebys predicts they could be worth a small fortune in the not-too-distant future. The company believes the relaunched ’50s-inspired LVBACKEN side table, for instance, could fetch up to $7775 in just a couple of decadeseven though it retails for just $53 today. And the upcoming $58 RANE chair, a bestseller, could be worth $1,500 in 20 years.

These two pieces alone have become some of the most sought-after collectibles on the market right now. This isn’t a new phenomenon, thoughin the past, discontinued IKEA pieces have sold at auction for upwards of $65,000, and early demand for the newly re-released classics is expected to follow this lucrative trend.

Many of the iconic pieces in the new collection come with pretty cool stories, to boot. The 1956 classic LVET side table, for instancerebranded as the LVBACKEN, was one of the first flat-pack designs conceived by an IKEA designer, the late Gillis Lundgren, who thought up the idea more than half a century ago after buying a similar table that he wasn’t able to fit into his car.

IKEA is currently stocked with the 1950s and ’60s GRATULERA line; the ’70s-’80s line is set to launch in October, and the ’90s-’00s edition will follow in December. An end date for the line has not been announced, but suffice it to say it’s wise to keep a close eye on these beloved pieces.

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Photo: Courtesy of IKEA